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Emergency Management

Hurricane Michael / Emergency Management

During any emergency situation or storm event, the top priority of Asturia’s management team is to take all reasonable measures to protect the safety and welfare of our employees and their families and the residents and guests of Asturia. Although, Hurricane Michael’s current path is forecast to track west of Tampa, we do believe there is a chance Tampa will experience some heavy rains and potentially tropical storm winds. And as always, the track can change and we should be prepared as best as possible.

In preparation of the impact Asturia may receive from Hurricane Michael, the Asturia management team has prepared in the following ways:

We highly recommend our residents to monitor and rely on the Pasco County Office of Emergency Management (www.pascocountyfl.net/Index.aspx?NID=365; (727) 847-8137) or “MyPasco” phone app for direction about evacuation, preparation and updates on Hurricane Michael. Please call 9-1-1 if it is an emergency.  In the event Hurricane Michael’s path moves to the east, we will implement a toll-free pre-recorded message system so that residents are able to call to stay informed on specific Asturia-related emergency management updates. The emergency information number is (888) 295-7306 and is located in Wisconsin, far enough away to not be affected by the storm. The emergency message is not currently up to date, however, if the forecast changes such that we expect more of an impact from Hurricane Michael, the recorded message will be updated periodically with storm-related information. Although it does allow a caller to leave a message, we ask that no urgent, property-related messages be left. This number is not a replacement for 9-1-1, its main purpose is for one-way communication from the Asturia management team to Asturia community and residents.

The Pre-Tropical Storm/Hurricane actions taken by the Asturia management team include, but are not limited to:

• Communicate to homebuilders to secure job sites including building materials, equipment and erosion control measures (storm inlet covers will be removed);
• Communicate with residents to inform of planned closures of community facilities and to encourage residents to develop their own plans for dealing with the situation;
• Secure common area equipment and amenities (parks / ponds / landscaping / storm water facilities);
• Secure centralized amenities (Amenity Center & Pool Deck);
• Discharge employees from the Property allowing a reasonable period of time for them to secure personal belongings and implement their own storm preparation plans; and
• We have contacted the Pasco County Utility Department requesting they closely monitor sewer lift stations within Asturia in the event of a power outage. Although maintenance of the lift stations is the responsibility of Pasco County Utility Department, the Asturia team is proactively monitoring the situation.

In the Post-Tropical Storm/Hurricane period, all Asturia managers and critical staff will focus efforts as follows:

• Communicate with all employees to assess their personal safety and well-being;
• Clear the roads of debris for 9-1-1 emergency vehicles and residents to safely traverse the property;
• Assess damage to community infrastructure and communicate any outages to the appropriate authorities to seek repairs;
• Assess damage to community facilities and common areas (Amenity Center and Pool Deck, downed trees in parks, along pathways, downed street signs throughout the roadways etc.) and begin repairs; and
• Communicate available information to residents, vendors, builders, etc.

Preparation for this type of event is taken very seriously in an effort to minimize damage, promote safety and reopen facilities as soon as possible. The current scheduled closures in anticipation of Hurricane Michael include:

• Asturia CDD Pool, Fitness and Amenity Center (14575 Promenade Parkway) Operations:

o  Removal of umbrellas from the pool deck and other loose items will begin Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning in preparation for possible tropical storm conditions.
o  Outdoor pool furniture will remain outside until the further assessment is made
o  No planned closures at this time/TBD.
o  Call (813) 510-3601 for amenity center information.

• Property Management Operations – Rizzetta: Call (813) 933-5571 for more information.


1. Who do I call to report utility outages?

The following are the outage numbers to the respective utility / service providers:
• Brighthouse/Verizon (Telephone, Cable/Internet): (888) 289-8988
• Clear Water Gas: (727) 562-4600
• Duke Energy: (800) 228-8485
• Pasco County Utilities (Water/Sewer): (727) 847-8131
• Yard Trash/Garbage Pick Up & Recycle: (727) 847-2411 ext.8659

2. During an emergency situation, when and how do we communicate with the Asturia team?

If such an event, we request that homeowners and property owners first communicate directly with utility providers, service providers and County emergency services regarding their respective areas of expertise. We have implemented an off-site call-in phone number (888) 295-7306 with a voicemail message that will remain active if electric service to Asturia is disrupted. The service will allow the Asturia team to disseminate information to Asturia residents via prerecorded messages that we will be able to update as required.

3. In future storm events, will the Asturia team advise me of when to evacuate?

The Asturia team will not make a decision on when to evacuate. Evacuation authority falls under the jurisdiction of Pasco County. A great source for evacuation information is the Pasco County Department of Emergency Management www.pascocountyfl.net/Index.aspx?NID=365;  (727) 847-8137).

4. Can I go to the Asturia Amenity Center if I have to evacuate or for emergency assistance during a storm event?

The Asturia Amenity Center is not County-designated evacuation shelters and will not be open during major storm events. A list shelters can be found on the Pasco County Department of Emergency Management website www.pascocountyfl.net/Index.aspx?NID=365; or call (727) 847-8137).

5. When is the Asturia team going to restore electric service to the community?

The Asturia team is neither the electric service provider for the community nor do we directly operate any of the utilities located within Asturia. The utilities are operated by the parties listed above in Question #1. When a utility outage occurs, the Asturia team notifies the appropriate service provider as soon as possible to report the outage.
With certain providers, we do have some contacts that are responsible for the upfront installation of such utilities but not necessarily direct the operations or repair crews for such facilities. Please understand that our relationship with Duke Energy and the other utility providers is one of a customer, similar to each resident within the community and although we may request it, we reasonably do not expect to receive any preferred treatment under such emergency conditions.

6. Who is responsible for the removal of downed trees from roadways and common areas?

Maintenance of common areas within Asturia is the responsibility of the Asturia Community Development District (“the District”). The first priority is the clearing of roadways throughout Asturia to facilitate vehicular access to all individual properties. Once roadways are clear, the District will proceed to have crews gradually clear parks, trails and other common property.

7. Who is responsible for the removal of downed trees on my property and associated repairs to my home or fence?

Individual property owners are responsible for the removal of trees, limbs and other storm debris from their property regardless of where the tree originated. Individual property owners are also responsible for any repairs to their personal property (home, fencing, cars, etc.). We recommend that property owners contact their insurance carriers regarding such issues for further guidance. The yellow pages have several listings of reputable and qualified tree removal services.
Adjacent property owners, including the District and the developer, are not responsible for any private property damage regardless of where the tree was located prior to the storm event.

8. Who is responsible for the pick up of my yard debris?

Pasco County or its garbage vendor is responsible for the removal of yard debris. Once Pasco County has removed the yard debris, please remember to sweep up any small remaining debris.

9. Why will the pool at the Asturia Amenity Center possibly not open immediately after power is resorted?

The Florida Department of Health, which regulates swimming pool use, mandates that a pool that has not been circulating the water for filtration for a substantial period of time, must be “shocked” with chlorine and filtered via circulation for 24 hours prior to use.